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Post by dzcadii » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:16 pm's Terms Of Service's Terms of Service Agreement (TOSA)
and Copyright (C) notification Version 1, November 2007

Copyright (C) 2007,
You are not permitted to copy or distribute this TOSA without
the explicit written permission from


The purpose of this TOSA is to notify's user(s) and/or partner(s) of their responsibilities and rights while using This site contains GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Registered ®, Trademark ™, and Copyright © material.

Reference (word usage)

1. "You", "Your", "User(s)", and "Partner(s)" refers to the person(s) or organization(s) utilizing any service or material from
2. "Material" refers to any image(s), software, script(s), audio, email(s), video(s) and text message(s).
3. "Its site(s)" refers to, any sub domain(s) of, email address(s) of,, any sub domain(s) of, and any email address(s) of
4. "Service(s)" refers to any product(s), component(s), partially completed work(s), image(s), audio, video(s), text, Copyright ©, Registered ®, or Trademark ™ provided through or its network(s).
5. "Art" refers to any image(s), software, script(s), audio, email(s), video(s) and text message(s) created with the intent to display one's view(s) or expression.
6. "Pornography" refers to any image(s), software, script(s), audio, email(s), video(s) and text message(s) depicting any sexual act with the intent to exploit body part(s), penetration, but not limited to nudity or humans. This include animals of any species/type.

Example (Not limeted to):
You create an image of a nude person in "good taste" without the intent to exploit; a simple picture of someone with breast or buttocks exposed. This is not defined as pornography. Now you create a picture depicting any one under the age or eighteen (18); this is considered "Child Pornography" and is not allowed in any way.

Endstate: If you think twice (that is 2 times) about it then don't do it!

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

1. is about getting artist of all sorts together. It is my hope that a great community is formed and we can teach, learn, and share our passions.
2. I am highly interested in protecting everyone's rights. If you have a question or concern about losing money or fame from sharing on this site then don't do it. It is not my purpose to get rich or famous from this, but I will use everything I can to help protect you and I.
3. The reason I put all this legal stuff is because somewhere, sometime, someone is going to get "butt hurt" over something and this is for our protection.
4. and its site(s) does not support any of the following:
a. Gambling
b. Pornography of any kind
c. Hate material
e. Destruction of anyone�s property to include intellectual property and any government or country's
f. Any specific political, moral, or religious views and objectives

Long story short:

Ever been more than 1,200 miles from where you wanted to be for an extend period of time? I have, and this is my attempt to stay in touch with what I have a passion for; music and art! So legally I can say this and this is the WARNING!
If you will not or do not play nice......then please find some other place to hang out.

Rights reserved by

1. Deny access, service(s), or communication(s) through/from within the limit of the law
2. Limit the amount of data stored, processed, accessed, or email(s) through its sites
3. Seek litigation for the following, but not limited to:
a. Slanderous remarks, material, audio, images, text, or email towards, its user(s), or its partner(s)
b. Damage(s) caused through direct/intentional misuse
c. Copyright ©, Registered ®, or Trademark ™ infringement
d. "Hacking", "Cracking", "Snooping Ports", "Phishing" through its site(s), "Spamming" through its site(s), or illegal data mining
e. Intentional uploading, posting, or distributing material known to have adverse effect(s) to/on people(s)/automation equipment. This includes "Hate material", "Racial" material, and "Pornographic" or "Child" pornographic material
f. Harassing its user(s)/partner(s) in any form or fashion
4. Alter the price or description of any item(s) or material(s) sold by its site(s) without any warning
5. To be free of any and all legal ramifications caused through its site(s) from the use of other people(s) material(s). See "No Warranties".
6. Access user(s)/partner(s) material, directories(s), and account(s) for technical support. will not access the above mentioned unless contacted first.

Limits of Liability

1. and its site(s) are not responsible for the following:
a. Material, "Blogs", "Post", concerning the demise, death, destruction, suicide of, or homicide of another. However, if found we will attempt to report it to the proper authorities
b. Material, "Blogs", "Post", concerning the killing of animals, destruction of public or private property, and the overthrow of any government
c. Material, "Blogs", "Post", concerning the legal right of others to convey their messages in an open forum (personal opinions)
d. Material, "Blogs", or "Post" by employees of any organization
e. The loss or damage of material due to "virus activity", "natural disasters", "theft", or discontinuation of or its sites
2. You are not responsible for the maintenance, registration, or publishing of or its site(s). However, we do ask you to keep only what you need.

Consent to Share Copyright ©, ®, ™ material in groups

1. By "joining" or "starting" a group:
a. You agree your material becomes GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE material and is equally owned by all members of that group.
See how to properly mark Copyright © material (References are provided below)
b. You consent to allow other user(s) to view, edit, and modify your material in your "Joined" group(s). This is not a forfeiture of your Copyright © "Owner" rights, but the material has become part of the public domain.
2. Your material may be "Published" with or without your permission within your respective groups.
a. Only the "Group Administrator" has the ability to "Publish" material to a "Group" site. Please coordinate accordingly
b. By marking material for "Publish", you are "giving permission" to and/or its site(s) to display, release, or share the respective material and it will be accessible to the general public.
3. You do not have the right to sell, lease, release, or distribute others' material through "Audio Cassettes", "Compact Discs", "Video Tapes", email, or any other electronic media unless given explicit written permission from the Copyright ©, ®, ™ owner to do so.

Your Responsibilities and right(s)

1. Retain "archives" of your material.
2. Utilize and its sites in a responsible manner.
3. Address all problems through email
4. Follow the rules mentioned above.
5. Remain professional while using
6. Remain cognizant of the license agreement(s) of all material.
7. Retain "ownership" of all material. and its sites do not have the right to sell, lease, release, or distribute your material through "Audio Cassettes", "Compact Discs", "Video Tapes", email, or any other electronic media unless given explicit written permission to do so.
8. Request or its site(s) "delete"/"remove" or cancel your account at any time.
9. Will not "upload" or "post" unauthorized material not covered in this TOSA.
10. Agree to both this TOSA and the "GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991".

No Warranty

1. is provided to you free of charge
2. There is no warranty for this site, except to the extent applicable by law. Except when otherwise stated in writing
3., its site(s) and services are provided to you "AS IS" without warranty
a. There is no warranty of any kind. No warranty has been expressed, implied or included
4. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of its site(s) is with you
5. Should or its site(s) prove to be defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction
6. In no event unless required by law or agreed to in writing will or its site(s) be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental, or consequential damages arise from the use or inability to use or its site(s)
a. This includes loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of its site(s) to operate with any other program or site, even if other parties have been advised of the possibility of such damages

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