JQuery open: with $.ajax scroll to top

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JQuery open: with $.ajax scroll to top

Post by dzcadii » Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:35 am

Here is a solution if you are loading a jquery dialog with $.ajax that has any links inside of the returned content and it scrolls to the bottom or position in the dialog where the links are.

Plus I put some other goodies you might find useful!
In the "open" event of the jquery dialog place a timeout and a scrollTop (see code below):

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<script type="text/javascript">
		autoOpen: false,
		closeOnEscape: false,
		draggable: false,
		resizable: false,
		modal: true,
		stack: false,
		hide: {
			effect: "scale",
        	easing: "easeInBack",
		show: {
			effect: "scale",
        	easing: "easeOutBack",
		buttons: {
			"Close": function(){
		beforeClose: function() {
		open: function(){
			$(".ui-dialog-titlebar-close", this.parentNode).hide(); //Removes the "close buttom" or "X" at the top right of the dialog
				type: 'get',
				url: 'pathToYourScriptFile',
			  	cache: false,
			  	async: true,
			  	dataType: 'html',
			  	success: function(pageInfo) //pageInfo is the contents of your "pathToYourScriptFile"
			//Force a scroll to the top because we have <a href> in content
				$(".ui-dialog-content").scrollTop(0); //Here is the solution

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