MYSQL Database and Table Alterations

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MYSQL Database and Table Alterations

Post by dzcadii » Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:14 pm

Here is a quick list of SQL lines for editing/altering your tables and database:

"table_name" would be the name of your table in the database.

I do caution you to shutdown access to the database server if it is supporting a production site or has allot of traffic.
My opinion about the two types:
MyISAM = Speed
InnoDB = Data integrity/reliability
You can search and read many articles on this subject. I said the above because of experience.

Change table type to MyISAM
ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE = MyISam;

Change table type to InnoDB
ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE = InnoDB

Free up some space in a table/optimize
OPTIMIZE TABLE table_name;

for a complete list of MYSQL Database Administration Statements: ... ation.html

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